Besides her film and photography work,

Julieta works as a creative consultant. 

From visual research, to writing through to the final design, she helps other directors and photographers

from around the world to shape

their ideas before they come to life.


This is a small selection of completed projects.

For treatment examples, please email.

Dir. Michel Gondry - John Lewis Christmas - Moz the monster
Dir. Martin Krejci - SCB - "Me Too"
Dir. Traktor Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer
Dir. Poppy de Villeneuve - Beyond the game - Liverpool
Dir. Harley Weir - Gucci Gift giving
Dir. Rune Milton - McDonald's Jordan
Dir. Andy Muschietti - Mama - feature film
Dir. Bjorn Ruhman - Brooks "The Rundead"
Dir. Traktor - Fifa 16 - The beautiful game
Dir. Saam Farahmand - Somebody To Love Me

Production companies:

Traktor, Smuggler, Partizan, Gorgeous, Stink, Outsider, Academy Films, Rogue, Homecorp, Knucklehead, Anomaly, Furlined, Frenzy Paris, Rattling Stick, Smuggler, Blink, Tony Petersen Films, Toma 78, Agosto, Lee Films.



Traktor, Stylewar, Michel Gondry, Johan Stahl, NeO, John Hillcoat, Pleix, Tom Carty, Saam Farahmand, Michael Gracey, Eric Lynne, Dominic Murphy, Nadav Kander, Antoine Bardou Jacquet, CANADA, Patrik Bergh, Frederic Planchon

and many more.