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I have worked as a creative developer on hundreds of tv commercials, series and films for over 15 years.  From fleshing out scripts to visual research to figuring out how to execute a scene,

I make directors' and producers' lives easier so they can get on that flight or on that shoot worry-free.

Below are a few examples of layouts.  Click here for a selection of awarded jobs.  Get in touch for samples of written work, details of long form jobs.  And click here to download my rate card.

Gucci by Harley Weir - Partizan

John Lewis by Michel Gondry - Partizan

Find Lisa by Martin Krejci - Iconoclast

Beauty Pie by Ali Kurr - Partizan

iPhone by Michel Gondry - Partizan

Legion - series pitch by Andy Muschietti

Directors: Traktor, Stylewar, Michel Gondry, Sara Dunlop, Johan Stahl, NeO, John Hillcoat, Pleix, Tom Carty, Saam Farahmand, Michael Gracey, Eric Lynne, Heji Shin, Dominic Murphy, Nadav Kander, Antoine Bardou Jacquet, CANADA, Patrik Bergh, Frederic Planchon, Andy Muschietti, Matt Lambert, Damien Krisl.

Production companies: Ruffian, Iconoclast, Furlined, Prémiere Heure, Cadence, Ubiquity, Gorgeous, Partizan, Stink, Outsider, Academy, Rogue, Homecorp, Knucklehead, Anomaly, Frenzy, Rattling Stick, Smuggler, Blink, TP Film, Palladium, Curate, Division, Bacon, Arts & Sciences, Great Guns.

Brands: Fifa, Apple, Three, Virgin, Nationwide, Adidas, McDonald’s, Brooks, Gucci, John Lewis, Bosch, LG, Aesop, Mercedes, Tropicana, Spotify, Walmart, Ikea, Qatar Airline, Toyota, Amazon, Pepsi, Stella, Skoda, Samsung, Benneton, Seiko, Ford, MasterCard, Sky, Johnny Walker, Landrover, Airbnb.

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